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saving seeds, seed-saving education and self-reliance for peoples world-wide

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International Seed Saving Institute (ISSI)
The non-profit, educational organization dedicated to saving seeds, seed-saving education and self-reliance for peoples world-wide.

Free online seed saving instructions. Find specific seed saving instructions for 27 common vegetables, definitions for useful seed saving terms and a step by step tutorial for beginners. Online information is from Basic Seed Saving, a 48 page book written by Bill McDorman which can be ordered for $5.95.

ISSI projects around the world focus on helping people become truly self-reliant in their own food and seed production. This normally prevents us from providing chemicals and hybrid seeds which have to be purchased year after year. Instead, we concentrate on finding and providing regionally adapted, open-pollinated seeds and supplying the tools and knowledge needed for food self-reliance as well as seed production.

ISSI resources help relief organizations find the necessary seeds, tools and information to make their work easier and more efficient in promoting agricultural self-reliance. ISSI's current staff represent over 40 years cumulative experience. We are here to help.

Seeds Trust, High Altitude Gardens
is the commercial seed company side of our operations. A portion of all profits are donated to ISSI. It has moved to its own web site at www.seedstrust.com. You can purchase online heirloom, vegetable, herb, native grass and wild flower seeds. Order Online, Purchase Catalog, Download Catalog, Contact Us, The Safe Seed Pledge! (No GMO's!)


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