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Seed School is a groundbreaking, six-day educational course that trains people from all walks of life to build local seed systems rooted in the ancient tradition of seed saving. Practiced by farmers and gardeners for thousands of years, seed saving strengthens food security at the community level, empowering people to reclaim control over their food supply. Students walk away from this innovative learning experience with the knowledge and inspiration to start their own independent seed initiatives, such as community seed libraries and exchanges, seed growers cooperatives, heirloom seed businesses, and participatory plant breeding projects.

Seed School is designed to offer a comprehensive yet accessible overview of the history, science, business, and craft of seeds. Appropriate for teens and adults at all skill levels, this course is for gardeners, farmers, chefs, entrepreneurs, NGOs, activists, policymakers and anyone interested in turning the tide on the industrialization of our food system.

Interest in Seed School is growing rapidly. To meet the demand and help further the local seed movement far and wide, we have taken the course on the road with a series of National Seed School sessions. If you would like to bring Seed School to your community, send an email to Belle Starr (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

More than 1,000 people from around the world have graduated from this powerful and successful program over the past 4 years.  Watch this short 4 minute video filmed last February at Seed School, Los Angeles by Christine Peterson, Sacred Ecology Films:  Seed School from Sacred Ecology on Vimeo.

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Seed School Teacher Training - Los Angeles


Learn skills and strategies to become a seed educator in your community!

March 14–18, 2016
Holy Nativity Episcopal Church and the Learning Garden, Los Angeles, California

Presented by, Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance and the Seed Library of Los Angeles (SLoLA)

With more than 650 graduates around the world, Seed School is a pioneering course that is helping shape the local seed and food movements far and wide. Seed School Teacher Training builds on the foundations of Seed School and will empower students to take the next steps in transferring seed knowledge to communities via educational models to exponentially increase bio-regional seed literacy.

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More About Seed School

People everywhere are waking up to the vital importance of seeds for our future. With the unsustainable practices of industrial farming on the rise and our precious crop diversity disappearing, a new paradigm of seed growing, saving, and sharing is necessary. We believe the best hope for an ecologically sustainable agriculture is to build a broad network of regional seed systems brimming with abundance and diversity. To answer this need, we created Seed School. Real, meaningful change in our food system begins here!

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“Unique, innovative, and necessary! Seed School fills in a gaping hole in the sustainable agriculture landscape.”

Toby Hemenway, author of Gaia's Garden

“I learned more about what is real in a week at Seed School than I did in four years of college!”

Jesse DeMoss -- New Meadows, Idaho


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