Basic Seed Saving

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Find links to specific seed saving instructions for 27 common vegetables. This online information comes from Basic Seed Saving, a 48 page paperback book written by Bill McDorman. It was created to provide enough practical information to allow gardeners to embark on the rewarding adventure of saving their own seeds. Printed copies are available for $5.95.
A glossary of terms important to beginning and expert seed savers alike.

Step 1 - Inspiration 
Anyone, with little more work and attention than it takes to grow a home garden, can begin to re-elevate the gardening experience to a sustainable level. Rediscover the importance, magic and rewards of seed saving...

Step 2 - Basic Terms 
This on-line guide was designed to limit the need for complicated genetic terms. These terms provide a basic understanding of seeds and seed production.
Step 3 - Headings 
The information provided for each individual vegetable is organized under bold-faced headings. This section explains terms that may be encountered under each heading.
Step 4 - Beginner Vegetable Seeds 
Bean, Lettuce, Pea, Pepper, Tomato. These vegetables offer the beginning seed saver the best chance for successful seed saving. They produce seed the same season as planted and are mostly self-pollinating, minimizing the need to be mindful of preventing cross-pollination.
Step 5 - Experienced Vegetable Seeds 
Corn, Cucumber, Muskmelon, Radish, Spinach, Squash/Pumpkin. The experienced seed saver's vegetables produce seed the season they are planted but require separation to keep unwanted cross-pollination from taking place.
Step 6 - Expert Vegetable Seeds 
Beet/Swiss Chard, Cabbage Family, Carrot, Escarole/Frissee, Onion,Radicchio/Endive, Turnip/Chinese Cabbage. The expert gardener's vegetables normally require more than one year for seed production and mandate separation to prevent cross-pollination.



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