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Bill McDorman

Bill McDorman is president of Seeds Trust, Inc. founded in 1984. It remains one of the world's only seed companies specializing in finding, testing and producing seeds for high elevations. Bill has been asking and answering questions about seeds and seed saving since 1979. He has donated time and seeds to projects all over the world, especially those in higher elevations.

Bill was cofounder of the Down Home Project and Garden City Seeds in Missoula, Montana, and The International Seed Saving Institute in Ketchum, Idaho. He helped establish the Sawtooth Botanical Gardens and has served on the boards of directors of the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, the Idaho Sustainable Agriculture Committee and The Idaho Humanities Council. He published his first book in 1994 titled, "Basic Seed Saving".

He is currently a member of the Idaho Native Plant Society, The Idaho Watersheds Project and The Alliance For The Wild Rockies.

Bill recently completed a Permaculture Design Course under the direction of Larry Santoyo. He is a native of Ketchum, Idaho and holds a BA in philosophy from the University of Montana.

Larry Homer

Larry's passion for seed saving and helping people inspired the formation of ISSI. He still has his copy of the very first Seed Saver's Yearbook published 25 years ago. His personal ministry led him to helping unfortunate people around the world, and it was only natural for him to start sending seeds and sharing his experience where needed. In the past seven years, he has grown into his own relief agency, shipping seeds to 70 major projects around the world. Bill McDorman started helping Larry find seeds for his projects and one thing led to another. ISSI was formed to combine their expertise and recently Larry formed International Seed and Light.

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