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True Self-reliance
Our goal is to help people become truly self-reliant in their own food and seed production. This normally prevents us from providing chemicals and hybrid seeds which have to be purchased year after year. Instead, we concentrate on finding and providing regionally adapted, open-pollinated seeds and supplying the tools and knowledge needed for food self-reliance and seed production.

We Are Learning
We have learned to be sensitive to unique needs in each project. We have learned to recognize the msot important common factor necessary for success: an "angel" in each location. We have leveraged our knowledge of the seed industry to eliminate middle systems and now ship seeds directly from seed growers to those most in need. We trust our angel to express specific local needs and coordinate distribution.

Project Update
The majority of Larry's 70 projects are still current. We are in the process of completing web pages for the most important ones. We will add reports and pictures from the field as well as important technical data which might help others duplicate successes and avoid failures. Please check back from time to time.


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