Land Trust Triticale

Our new favorite heritage grain.  Jumped up tall and strong and shouted to us.  Unbelievably uniform.  Little or no lodging.  Large productive heads.  Beautiful blue color.  Easy to clean.

Our web address since 1989 to inspire and educate as many new seed savers as we can.  We hope you will find resources so you can save your own seeds.  Find upcoming Seed and Grain School offerings, national online event links, and our list of favorite bioregional seed companies.  Also, we are now using the site to host Heritage Grain Alliance and Cornville Seed.  

Heritage Grain Alliance

Lee-Ann Hill and Bill McDorman have decided to continue the Heritage Grain Trials started by Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance by forming our own, independent, Heritage Grain Alliance. We invite YOU to join us! We still believe deeply that robust heritage grain trials will help us all access more diversity and build the foundation for sustainable and regional food systems.

Cornville Seed

Bill McDorman’s Woocommerce site set up to facilitate the distribution of his own seeds and those of the Heritage Grain Alliance.

Million Seed Savers

We are building a movement of one million seed savers across the United States. By signing up, you are joining this inspiring movement of people dedicated to creating a healthier, stronger food system rooted in local seeds.