PR – Jan 5 2015

PR – Jan 5 2015

This comprehensive and inspiring seed education program cuts through the “cult of expertise” to reconnect people of all skill levels and backgrounds with traditional seed saving practices. Participants of Seed School Online will explore the history, science, business and craft of seeds through lectures, multimedia tools, and even hands-on activities. The innovative course which begins on February 10th, will be presented through weekly webinars over a seven-week period using a powerful web-based conferencing system that allows students and trainers to learn and interact in real-time. Modules will include: an introduction to genetics, seed selection and evaluation, harvesting, germination, breeding, and practical applications of seed saving knowledge such as businesses, libraries, and exchanges.

As a free introduction to the groundbreaking course, s special 75-minute webinar on January 27, 2015 will be offered entitled “Seed Saving Hacked: Why Seeds Matter, Why Saving Them is Easy, and How to Save Your Own.” Full details and registration for the introductory session and full Seed School Online course series can be found on the and websites.

Seed School Online is presented by longtime seed educators Bill McDorman and Belle Starr in collaboration with the Urban Farm University. As co-founders of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance and former co-directors of the notable seed conservation organization Native Seeds/SEARCH, McDorman and Starr have produced nearly two-dozen Seed School courses nationwide and graduated over 600 students from around the world. Seed School has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and in two documentary films (Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds and the forthcoming SEED: The Untold Story).

For more information, please contact Belle Starr:, Tel: +928.300.7989.

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