Ancient/Heritage Grains

We currently have the seeds for more than 65 ancient and heritage grain varieties. Small packet samples for 20 varieties are available to you now. We will make more available as soon as they are germ tested and packaged. Check back often. We are adding new selections each week. We ask a $5.95 per packet fee (donation) to cover packaging, shipping and handling.

Those enrolled in our original Heritage Grain Trials Program can still receive grain samples. (Email for the latest member checkout CODE.)

We subscribe to the thousand year-old tradition of sharing seeds if possible with every farmer and gardener in need. Please ask if you need consideration. In return, we ask everyone to share back with the Heritage Grain Alliance, if and when you can, at least twice as much seed as you received from us. This allows our program to continue to grow. With your help we all will have access to more varieties and larger quantities. Together we can help build the foundation for new local grain economies. (Orders are usually filled on Fridays.)

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