Ghirka 1517 Wheat (awnless)


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A spring wheat from northern latitudes with hard grain, red kernel color and white chaff (glumes).  Also known as “Russian” and “Early Russian.”  Yields somewhat less than Turkey and its milling and bread-making value is also slightly less than that of Turkey. This variety proved best adapted in Wyoming and Colorado in our trials.  Average plant height of 44” to a maximum of 65”.  Survived 16° F. at 30 days of age, with no harm to the seedlings. First arrived in the U.S. from the Volga River region in Russia between 1898 and 1904. Thousands of acres of the grain were grown in western North Dakota around the last turn-of-the-century (1900). Its kernels are said to be larger and softer than Red Fife.


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