Land Trust Triticale


I received the seeds for this heritage treasure from Lee-Ann Hill who got them from Sylvia Davatz.  Sylvia received the seeds from Richard Roberts of the Maine Grain Alliance.  This is Richard's story of its origin:  "In 2016 I was harvesting some emmer that I had planted next to some very tall Midsommer Rye.  I was using MGAs chinese rice combine.  In the bottom of some of the bags of emmer in the hull were a few loose seeds.  I assumed that it was some emmer that the machine had knocked from their hulls or that they were immature.   I did a germination test and they were good.  I replanted them and what you have is the result.  I called it Land Trust Emmer because it was grown on my place which is part of a land trust.  It also grows great as a spring crop.  Sylvia sent some of it to South Dakota U and when I talked to Brent Turnipseed about it, he was skeptical that it had occurred spontaneously and that it must have been some triticale seed in with the emmer I planted.  This was the second year of planting this particular emmer so......    I love the blue color of the plant in the field and how prolific it is.  Some bakers here have used it and love it for scones.  I currently have 5 acres of it planted.    Please share it with whoever you like."



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