Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance is now Seeds In Common

Without our input or consent, a new Board of Directors voted to change the name of the organization and its mission.  Find the Seeds In Common website here.

Former RMSA Directors Bill McDorman and Lee-Ann Hill decide to continue some of the discontinued RMSA programs.

Over the six years we were lucky enough to be involved in the establishment of more than 3,000 members, 82 Seed Libraries, 385 Seed Stewards, 95 Seed Teachers and 195 Heritage Grain Trialists known collectively as the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance, we came to understand something very important.  We, as the staff and Board of RMSA, were not the Alliance.  The members were.  The open-source directories we set up allowed any and all of our members to connect with each other to exchange regionally specific information and seeds.  This was our goal.  It allowed the growth of an amazing and beautiful network of like-minded seed people.  In countless ways the exchanges continue to this day, with or without the original RMSA organization or website.  The seed libraries are still there as are the seed exchanges and even Seed Schools taught by those who attended our teacher trainings.

Lee-Ann and I still want to live and play in a Rocky Mountain region with a vibrant community-based seed system.  We worked too hard for too long not to continue helping.  With our much limited time and resources now we decided to prioritize and focus on the most important endeavors first.  We would love to hear what you think.

This website will serve as our hub for now.  Access to Heritage Grains and Seed Schools / Grain Schools is our first focus.  The Directory (without the map) is back up for all the Heritage Grain Trialists.  You can now search states and towns and zip codes for nearby grain growing friends as well as types and varieties of the individual grains being grown by them.

Most importantly, we have been searching through the network and our own backup supplies so we can once again distribute some of the hundreds of rare heritage and ancient grains discovered by, grown and shared among our beautiful netork.  We are proud to announce we once again can share access to many of the ancient and heritage grains tested and grown by RMSA’s original Heritage Grain Trials program.  We now call ourselves the Heritage Grain Alliance.  Individual packets of seeds for more than a hundred grains are back available for a $5.95 handling charge donation.

If you want to help grow the regional alliance, be sure to sign up for our elerts.  We will occasionally let you know about new events, courses, and stories.  Most importantly, keep growing and saving your own seeds and sharing them with those around you.