Seed school

Saveseed.org is the online home for Bill McDorman and Belle Starr, husband and wife, working to promote regional seed solutions.  Together they conceived and founded the original Seed School in 2010 which has now graduated hundreds of new seed citizens.  After being hired to be co-executive-directors of Native Seeds/SEARCH in 2011, they moved the successful 6 day Seed School program to Native Seeds/SEARCH.

 They are now again producing Seed School independently of Native Seeds/SEARCH and are now expanding the program to include locations throughout the Rocky Mountain West and the rest of the nation.   They have also announced their first online versions of Seed School.Seed School is a groundbreaking, six-day educational course that trains people from all walks of life to build local seed systems rooted in the ancient tradition of seed saving. Practiced by farmers and gardeners for thousands of years, seed saving strengthens food security at the community level, empowering people to reclaim control over their food supply

What people say about us

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“Seed School fills in a gaping hole in the sustainable
agriculture landscape.”

Toby Hemenwayauthor of Gaia’s Garden

“I learned more about what is real in a week at Seed School than I did in four years of college.”

Jesse DeMossNew Meadows, Idaho

“Right off the bat ,Seed School gave me a supportive network of friends and colleagues.”

Renata ChristenBrewster, Massachusetts

“Seed School left me feeling more empowered to continue the fight against Big Agribusiness.”

Josh Banno Tucson, Arizona

“I came to Seed School and spent the whole week filming for my movie.”

M. Sean KaminskyBrooklyn, New YorkFilmmaker, Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds

“Seed School has infinitely changed the way I see growing food and living in our world.”

Leah WagnerPalmer, Alaska owner of Foundroot seed company

Thank you all again for blowing my mind last week at Seed School. Seriously.”

Robin KellyGreen Power House

Breeding Seed Leaders

Since launching in 2010, Seed School has graduated hundreds of future seed leaders hailing from across the Southwest and as far afield as Alaska and Norway. As our students move out into the world and launch inspiring projects, the word is spreading about Seed School with mentions in the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and a featured role in several upcoming documentaries.We are thrilled to hear about the exciting progress Seed Schoolers are making to create diverse and sustainable seed systems in their communities. Here are a few success stories from Seed School graduates:


N. Astrid and Matthew Hoffman

“Seed School gave us the know-how and confidence to farm for seed and start our own seed company. We also love to educate on seed saving! Getting to connect with gardeners, farmers and like-minded folk around the world is an added benefit.”

owners of Living Seed Company — Point Reyes Station, California

Justin Huhn

“Seed School was a profound source of inspiration for me to continue with passion the work with seed I had already begun as a farmer. This experience helped guide me to create a powerful vision for myself and my community revolving around seed, stewardship and sustainability.”

co-owner of All Good Things Organic Seeds — Ojai, California


Betsy Goodman

“My experience at Seed School lit a flame of passion in me to promote the saving and sharing of seeds. It propelled me to start an annual community seed swap and to help create the Common Soil Seed Library in a branch of the Omaha Public Library, which serves over 600,000 people!”

Omaha, Nebraska