Top 20 Ancient/Heritage Grain Bundle


One packet each of the top 20 ancient and heritage grains to emerge as favorites from our Rocky Mountain Heritage Grain Trials Program.  The perfect way to start your home grain adventure by taking advantage of years of trials and selection in all parts of the Rocky Mountains.  Why not start with the best?

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  • Barley
    Arabian Blue
    Purple Dolma
    Tibetan Purple (6-row)
  • Rye
  • Wheat
    Club, Pima
    Durum, Iraq
    Einkorn, Black
    Einkorn, White
    Emmer, Black
    Emmer, Ethiopian Blue Tinge
    Khorasan (Kamut)
    Red Fife
    Rouge de Bordeaux
    Sin El Pheel
    Spelt, Swiss
    Turkey Red
    White Sonora