Glass Gem/Rainbow Jewel


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In conjunction with Lee-Ann Hill and the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance, Greg Schoen, the original steward of Glass Gem, would like to offer packets of Rainbow Jewel corn to you at no cost. His hope is that enjoy growing it and share it freely with others in your community seed exchanges and seed libraries. By personally increasing this seed, you make it possible for this unique landrace to continue to evolve and be available ‘open-source’ to future generations.

This seed is from corn grown from Greg's original stocks, in a manner to ensure its full genetic diversity. He sent Lee-Ann 50 packets of 300-plus seed each, so that your grow-outs can contain a sufficient number of plants to maintain the genetic ‘library’ of this corn. These packets will be available to you on a first-come first-serve basis.

If you have sufficient space to grow this corn and are in a climate that allows a minimum of 120 days of frost-free growing season, then Glass Gem may grow well for you. It does best where summer temperatures are warm but do not regularly exceed 95 degrees F., and where rainfall is not excessive during the later summer when the corn is ripening.

Greg thanks you for all your dedication to the seeds!