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Seed School Online is a response to ongoing emails and calls from students everywhere wanting to learn about this important tradition. We get requests weekly to bring Seed School to communities all over the world. Now we can. Since September of 2010, we have graduated more than 600 students in our six-day and one-day Seed School programs plus recently graduated 80 people from our new online Seed School.

Bill McDorman has been inspiring people to save seeds for over 30 years. Just before launching Seed School, he realized he had become the person he was looking for, over 30 years ago. Now all the resources and support Bill was once searching for have come together with Seed School Online and are available to you!

 They are now again producing Seed School independently of Native Seeds/SEARCH and are now expanding the program to include locations throughout the Rocky Mountain West and the rest of the nation.   They have also announced their first online versions of Seed School.Seed School is a groundbreaking, six-day educational course that trains people from all walks of life to build local seed systems rooted in the ancient tradition of seed saving. Practiced by farmers and gardeners for thousands of years, seed saving strengthens food security at the community level, empowering people to reclaim control over their food supply

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The only comprehensive seed saving internet course
(with hands-on)!

Seven, self-paced, pre-recorded webinars to get you started on your journey to become a seed citizen. Available for download March 2017.

“Seed School has been the most effective short training ramp-up for seed librarians, seed bankers, and small seed micro-enterprise startups of any initiative in the last two decades.”

— Dr. Gary Nabhan, author and Kellogg Endowed Chair: Southwest Center, University of Arizona.



The course is presented by Bill McDorman, Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance. Bill operated his own bio-regional seed company, Seeds Trust, High Altitude Gardens, for 28 years. He has been teaching seed saving for more than 30 years and is recognized as one of the most inspirational and influential educators in the movement. In 2010, Bill and his wife Belle started Seed School, a six-day immersion into the world of seeds. Seed School and its offspring, Seed School In A Day, Seed School Teacher Training, Grain School and Seed School Online have now graduated more than 900 students worldwide. This new online program incorporates all we have learned in the past 6 years so students can quickly translate the knowledge into practice.This course is for backyard gardeners, CSA growers, market farmers, people who love to eat, students, activists and anyone else interested in reconnecting with the ancient tradition of seed saving.


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What you get:

  • 7 prerecorded online classes + one bonus program.
  • Membership to the Private Seed School Facebook Group with over 300 members.
  • Monthly LIVE Q & A sessions with Bill McDorman (starting March 2017)
  • Weekly downloadable resources
  • Seed School Online Membership Site Access
  • Basic Seed Saving pdf by Bill McDorman

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Course Syllabus

Lecture One
The Spirit, Magic and Power of Seeds
Lecture Two
History and Structure of the Modern Seed Industry
Basic Terms
Lecture Three
Intro to Mendel’s Genetics
Selection and Evaluation
Lecture Four
Lecture Five
Germination Testing
Lecture Six
Wild Seed
Collection Rules
Collection Techniques
Lecture Seven
Seed Enterprises
Seed Exchanges
Seed Libraries
Small Seed Businesses

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