Harmony Grain Corn


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A joyful family reunion between a hybrid swarm of North American grain
corns and a synthetic composite of 6 races of South American grain corns: Tuxpeno, Coastal Tropical Flint-Dent, Southern Cateto, Cuzco, Coroico, and high-altitude Andean. Harmony was developed to unify various diasporas of corn and to create a strong genetic base from which to conduct plant selection and breeding. Among the corns that I grow, this population most fully expresses mother maize's role as mother of life, teacher, problem solver, and sacred technologist. Contains flint, dent, flour, pop, and a small amount of sweet corn. Adapted to temperate growing conditions. Not day-length sensitive. About 85 to 115 DTM to grain stage. High resistance to predation by birds and small mammals.


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