Red Bobs (awnless)


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Red Bobs is a spring growth-habit wheat with hard, red-color kernels. Do Canadians know how to party? Never doubt that they do. With their big winters Canadians are masters of the “wild weekend” (sleep-over). According to official accounts, Red Bobs “originated” (discreet term) in a field of Bobs, a Canadian white wheat in the year 1910, “probably as a result of a natural field cross.” Red Bobs soon headed south however, crossing the border into the United States on a moonless night. So it came to pass that in 1924 the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) wrote of Red Bobs: “A first-class milling and bread-making wheat!” (USDA Bulletin 1183). Party animal! Invite him for a sleep-over at your place! Red Bobs has dance steps you may not yet have seen.


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