Einkorn, Black and Tan Naked


This is one of the two of the so-called "free threshing" einkorn varietals we have heard about. More than 90% of our seed was clean and hull free after winnowing.  We use a small-scale, home threshing method with our own feet in a wooden box with hardware cloth on the bottom.  Your results may differ, especially if you are using larger scale threshing machines or combines.  Save for planting only those seeds that are easily dehulled when threshed using your system.  This way you can help us all move this beautiful and productive grain more and more toward a truly naked population.  Protein content is 35%- 50% higher than hard red wheat, somewhat equal to durum.  High in essential fatty acids, vitamin E, phosphorous, potassium, pyridoxine, and beta-carotene.  Einkorn's gluten proteins appear to be less allogenic compared with those produced by other bread wheats.


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